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Ciara Le started competing in figure as teen. After competing for 6 years, it became evident that is was time to stop focusing on "winning", and use her fitness and following to encourage others to not only a healthy lifestyle, but one of balance.


When you think of fitness, you think of dressing up like a Mortal Kombat character, right? Ciara Le has found some incredible support in the Cosplay world and is enjoying the interaction with her fan base that has been made possible through events and signings.


Loving the camera & seemingly infatuated with entertaining others, skit acting and misc videos has been more than a dream come true. Humor takes precedence, and the world is taking notice. The virality of her videos seems to be an open invitation for C LE to keep being...interesting.


Starting this blog 4 years ago with only 4 readers for the first year, her blog was simply a place to journal. Now at a quarter of a million fans on Facebook, over 50K on IG, and 4K hits a day on CIARALE.COM, she is starting to see that there is a lot more in store for this 5ft tomboy...

Gaining Weight on Purpose?

Question: “C, how much weight are you putting on and how are...

08th Apr

If you want to see me squat…

My ig profile was compromised at 54K!   I would appreciate all the...

05th Apr

New Autographed Poster Up in the Store!

As you know, I like to be someone on social media that...

03rd Apr

Tuesday = Boobs Day

Finally posted something besides my ass…APRIL FOOLS!!!!!!    

01st Apr

Lose Weight for Summer? BRING YOUR FOOD!

With Summer around the corner, and everyone around you is wanting to...

28th Mar

Sensual Squatting

Click the photo below to see a video of Sensual Squatting. Like...

27th Mar
Screen Shot 2014-03-27 at 1.36.24 PM

If you’ve ever lost the will to live…

…here is a quick punch in the face. You are here for...

24th Mar
Screen Shot 2014-04-01 at 7.39.56 PM

Sultry Ciara

Everyone has been requesting another sultry dance video, so of course, we...

19th Mar
Screen Shot 2014-04-01 at 7.41.11 PM

Girls Who Squat Know the Struggle

Ciara Le putting on jeans. Why? Because. That’s why. *Since you love...

18th Mar
Screen Shot 2014-04-01 at 7.42.12 PM

Ciara Le Made it on Tosh.0!!!!

Tosh.0 blog posted our video!!!! I am fan girling SO hard. I LOVE Daniel...

14th Mar


^_^ Here is my first fan mail video! I really REALLY love...

06th Mar

Amazing Arizona Comic Con

I am a ttttaaaaddd bit late on posting photos from the AACC,...

19th Feb

Bisbee for the Weekend

Well… as you can see, we are not staring a 30dayPUSH today!...

01st Jan
Happy happy birthday to the best little brother in this universe. Thank you, God, for giving my family someone we hardly deserve, but are so so thankful for being entrusted with loving and supporting. Ian, you are a blessing to EVERYONE you meet, with you art, your music, your kindness, and your wisdom. God is using you already, and I cannot wait to see all He has in store for this incredible life of yours! I love you so much!

FITtips: Reverse Hack Squat

Push through your heels, keep knees strong, knees never past toes, neck...

10th Dec

When Celebrating Christmas Becomes More “NOs” than HO HO HO’s

I think we’ve all seen our fare share of “HOW TO MAKE...

09th Dec

On Deck: 30dayPUSH!?!

  If nothing else, smile because God gave you another day to...

05th Dec


Because patience is not one of my most practiced virtues, I’ve reduced...

27th Nov

Checking in from Florida!

Hello hello! Man, oh man, has it been a crazy week/weekend! So...

18th Nov
Checking in from Florida!

I’m at the Airport and Felt Like Talking With You…and PICS! xo

Well hello Sweet Thing! I’m sitting here at the airport after just...

14th Nov
I’m at the Airport and Felt Like Talking With You…and PICS! xo

Who doesn’t want $400 sunglasses for $100? Seriously.

With all of my income going towards rent, bills, and competing, I...

07th Nov
Who doesn’t want $400 sunglasses for $100? Seriously.