dayONE | 30dayPUSH IV

On June 1, 2012 by CIARA LE


It’s the start of your next 30days of sweat, pain, growth, discipline, rejection, family, acceptance, truth, discovery….it’s the start of you 30dayPUSH journey.

Some of you are veterans. Some of you are new to the family. Whichever you are, you are just as important as your brother and sister “next” to you.

We are one army. We will work as one unit.

I have removed over 150 past fitfam members who could not find the commitment and determination.
You are still here.
We will not fail. And if one of us starts to fall, we will pick them up.

Today you will post your goals for the 30dayPUSH IV in the fitfam password protected page. Use the one you received in your inbox. Be open, be vulnerable. I would also encourage you to not just set physical goals, but goals for growth in your heart, your soul, and your mind as well.

Let’s murder this.


ps. fitfam, to upload your photo. scroll to the last photo in this post and click behind it. Then FOLLOW THE STEPS IN YOUR FITFAM KIT to upload your photo in the order of challengers who uploaded! (did I say upload too much?)


P90x Cardio X for Day 1


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