dayFIVE | 30dayPUSH IV

On June 5, 2012 by CIARA LE

dayFIVE and almost half way through our first full week.
How you doin’
*either Joey or Wendy Williams voice*

I’m so glad you all liked the tips yesterday! Yes those came from me, but I will use tips/facts from resources and people that I respect if I ever share otherwise.

In other news. Yes, the 20 something pounds I gained post surgery is slowly but surely getting converted into muscle and strength. The goal was to loose some fat, but instead of losing all the weight by numbers on the scale-just use it to turn it back into the good ol’ C form. And then some.

It is still difficult at times for me to phototrack and share with all of you. But pride comes before the fall. And Lord knows that without all of your support and accountability, I would not be as positive/excited/motivated.

Be sure to drink your water! It’s OVER 100 degrees here in AZ!


Today’s tips are on phototracking! A lot of the fitfam is asking the best ways to phototrack, “do I look at the camera?”, “do I flex”- I’ll share my take on it and you take what you’d like from it:

-I choose to not flex for the majority of phototracks. I occasionally will add in a flexed ab shot so I can see how they are coming in throughout the PUSH. You want to be able to see your transition and growth as you are in daily life, and I’m pretty sure a lot of us don’t walk around fully flexed and tense. And if you do, you are a tool. lmao.

-Smile or look sexy. That’s my rule of thumb for clients/PUSHers. You want to be able to look at your phototracks and not be like “dammit, I look so lost/awkward/sad” -the whole point of phototracking is the vulnerability AND your growth in appreciation and gratitude for YOU and how YOU were created. Don’t let embarrassment show through. By weekTWO it will be gone. :)

-How much clothes should you wear? I’ll let you do you on that one. I’ve had phototracks in just a thong, and some in sweats and a tee shirt. PLEASE HIDE YOUR BITS AND PIECES THOUGH!

-More than anything, let your individuality and personality shine through! You are doing this for you, not for our approval.


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  • oops, i flexed! haha… i’m okay with having a few “flexing” pics, like you said, just to see the difference down the line… plus i had a great back and bi workout pre-mirror-photoshoot and my huge muscles ;) were begging to be shown!! love the advice though, and you’re totally right… i’m feeling like i may actually show my face after this week. :P