On July 10, 2012 by CIARA LE

don’t you love word play? ;)

It was a busy and warm but great weekend here in AZ. It rained on the 4th of July and was a little peak of heaven for us all, and then managed to reached 118 on Sunday, and now high of 120 today.

I can’t complain though! At least we have the blessing of AC in our offices and buildings (for the most part). Those of you who have temperamental car air conditioning, you are not alone. We will make it through together!

I was blessed with the opportunity to be able to shoot with the wonderful and oh so talented Evan Taylor Gunville. He was extremely patient and helpful with me! He gets to work with some pretty ulta experienced models and celebrities- I know it took a lot of prodding to get a fitness girl to loosen up! haha! Any way, you can check out his amazing work here. Miss Saira Olivares (ciaraLE.com’s new MUA!) did amazing work with her make up brushes and made me feel quite glamorous. You can see her and her skiiilz here!

Also saw Savages.
I was sorta disappointed, but maybe that’s what I get for being WAY to excited for too long and having such high expectations!

Here are some photos from the weekend:

Saturday: “I realize how messy this makes me look. But I just didn’t have time to fold and hang my laundry :-o”

Sunday: “Beautiful make up done by Saira. Phone camera doesn’t do it justice!”

Sushi and Savages



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