15dayPUSH | before and after

15dayPUSH | before and after

For those of you that may not know, 100 PUSHers and I have spent the past 15 days focused on fulfilling mind/heart/body commitments. We did this in our individual lives, but shared it collectively on the pushwithciara forum here on the website. To say it was great would be underselling it, but wow, I will miss this group of people. 

We shared our daily phototracks on the private forum, and I have refrained from sharing my phototracks publicly for the most part to keep that "special" for our group...but I challenged my PUSHers to share their dayONE/dayFIFTEEN comparison on their social media, so I did the same (and will do the same here on the blog!)

For those of you interested in coaching, you can read the info and current pricing HERE. Any questions? You can email me directly: CIARALE@CIARALE.COM

DISCLAIMER, PLEASE READ BEFORE SCROLLING DOWN: the rest of this post is a body focused before and after picture set in a swimsuit. I completely understand and respect those of you men/women who may not wish to see these. If that is you, please DO NOT scroll and be sure to check back for my next post! 🤗❤️

Wow. The first 15dayPUSH (usually, they are 30 days) and I am just so proud of all my PUSHers! A lot can happen in 15 days and even if the results on the scale or in our pictures may be small, they are moves in the right direction. What’s more, the majority of us made commitments of mind and heart that held more importance than our body/physical commitments, and to me, that is a win!

I was successful in keeping up with my YouTube content commitment, however I did not fulfill my commitment of reading a book each week. Life got crazy, but I still should have followed through on that! I also did not complete my three 300 cal cardio sessions each week commitment LOL, I think cardio and I still have an odd relationship. However, my training has been a success, and while I see some decrease in strength as my weight drops, I still feel very strong. I fluctuated between 136lbs and 131lbs between this entire push, and woke up today weighing 134lbs. For those of you who don’t know, I am 5 feet tall, so I am fairly heavy as far as the scale is concerned compared to other girls my height, but I have never been happier with the femininity of my body (and neither has my Husband 😉🤔).

Some things I noticed physically:
•Steve and I both noticed my waist is tighter, however it’s hard to show in photos.
•I also can see some bloating and puffiness decrease over these past 15 days due to tracking macros and staying away from inflammatory foods.
•I see the most difference in my back and in my love handle area even though I didn’t have love handles. •I also noticed an increase in my glute size & shape and credit all of that to being consistent with my leg days.
•My arms feel tighter, I feel less puffy, but more than anything, I purely enjoyed interaction with all the PUSHers during the past 15 days.

Love you all so much & thank you for sharing in this! 💞

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