REAL vs highlight REEL & why I said bye to meat.

REAL vs highlight REEL & why I said bye to meat.

There is so much passion for exercise right now, and it's so great to see people prioritizing their health! 

With that being said, there sure are a lot of photos all over of some pretty spectacular bods & it can leave us feeling a little curious. I wonder if we are showing our highlight reel/best days/best pics or if we are focusing on showing some of our realness? I do not believe it's necessary to post horrible photos of ourselves or pics with us pushing our bellies out on purpose or showing our cellulite in thongs just to show how genuine we are (lol, bc part of me feels that may just be for virality & shock factor as well)...but perhaps we could stand a little straighter, keep the angles out of our progress photos, and try to just be. Maybe it will give us a clearer view of what we actually look like, not to aim to continue to "change", but maybe to love ourselves just how we are & then see where God is leading us to improve and be better stewards of the bodies He's blessed us with! ❤️

Here are my non highlight reel#progresspics & facts
•started my period last night
•still not tracking macros/dieting
•lifted once this week
•no cardio, no problem 😘
•I have stretch marks & cellulite too. 😉 
• 5ft short and currently 131.6 lbs 


In other news, I have been transitioning to meat-free living since January and wow do I feel amazing. Like, inside out. I am A+ blood type which means a lot when it comes to my digestion of animal protein and after opening my eyes and mind to actually ask WHY I've felt so crappy during and after eating meat, I am realizing SOOOO much. 

Here's a quick excerpt from this link: "Low levels of hydrochloric acid in the stomach and high intestinal disaccharide digestive enzyme levels permit the more efficient digestion of carbohydrates. According to Dr. D'Adamo, these are also the very factors, along with low levels of intestinal alkaline phosphatase, that make it difficult for Type As to digest and metabolize animal protein and fat." 

It has been quite an interesting process, especially making wise decisions in my food consumption. It has been so great seeing my skin clear up so beautifully and my energy level go through the roof. I am not advising everyone to follow my lead (there is no black and white for us ALL), but I have been asked to share more about my process and thoughts (and recipes), so I figured since I've been going at this for 7 months, I'm ready to start opening my mouth about it. :) 

Do you need to be a vegetarian too? No. 
Do you need to eat meat to be fit and healthy? No. 

I will write more in depth about this later, but I wanted to just drop that off here in this post as I don't feel it needed an "announcement" on it's own. Which leads me to the unsolicited advice I'll leave you with today: 

There are a lot of people announcing everything on social media. Announcing anything from "BIG NEWS" they have to share soon, or a breakup they just had. I've fallen into this trap since I used to use social media as my only business. I would announce the next ebook weeks before it was even finished, just to get hype going. Maybe we could try holding off on so much build up, and then just let our work speak for itself. In almost a quite but strong way. Maybe instead of announcing a start to a new diet, we could just do it. Do it for a few months, and then share some of our experience. Encouragement goes a long way, and I understand that sometimes it is so great to share our stuff so that we can feel that encouragement if even from a distance; but when it becomes habitual to seek affirmation for every decision/move we are making from people on social media who aren't really invested in us (although some may be), it can become pretty detrimental to our own "internal motivation". The best thing I've done the past 7 months is keep my "breakup with eating animal carcass" semi private, because it gave me the ability to explore and learn without opinions and stressors of outside sources. 

Hoping that you all are living well, loving well, and don't have to consume anything that makes you unwell:
excessive amounts of alcohol
prescription pills
negative self talk

Just leave it. No explanations. It hurts. Say goodbye. 






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